fish in oil

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Fish in oil  performs original instrumental music, colored with a bit of blues, rock and roll, surf, folk, free-jazz, film-music, at the same time avoiding to be classified under any of these.

Music of this band reflects accurately the time and the region where it comes from; namely, this is an intriguing mixture of the western and eastern cosmology, fusion of history and contemporary life.

The first Fish in oil's album was released in the year 2012. under an associative title, “ Poluostrvo” (Peninsula); it comprised of twelve compositions, signed by guitarist, Bratislav Radovanović.

The band members are well known Serbian musicians. Saxophonist Dušan Petrović  is leader of a Menson Benson sextet, Coxless pair and member of few more Belgrade bands Eyesburn, Playboy etc. Bassist Branislav Radojković is a member of a world music band Naked and leader of a jazz trio Tzotzoonga. Alexandar Radojičić Šojka plays percussion in a Amaro del and few more projects and drummer Fedja Franklin is a member of a Coxless pair , Menson Benson sextet and session jazz drummer.

Fish In Oil are

Bratislav Radovanović – guitar

Dušan Petrović – saxophones

Branislav Radojković – doublebass

Fedja Franklin – drums

Aleksandar Radojičić – percussion